Sunday, September 24, 2006

First post

September 24, 2006
Hello. If anyone finds this, I’ll be surprised. But I’m a reporter for a technology publication. I live in Washington DC, but was stationed on Guam in the mid-1970s, living off the base for most of the time. I returned to the island in 2000 for a short visit and haven’t been back.
Blogging is a hobby. Check out
With Guam Blogs, the goal is to generally post a collection of Guam-specfic blog links as well as things that I come across here in Washington DC that may be of interest.
Why do this? I love the island, the people, the culture and attitude. It’s the perfect place in many respects. My hope is that this blog may be useful – in time – for some people. In any event, it’s just fun for me do.
— Patrick Thibodeau
(I use kob as a display name mostly to try to keep a lower profile on the search engines.)

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