Saturday, March 31, 2007

The new U.S. Postal Service Guam stamp is poetic for its use of lighting, especially the palms in silhouette, and its human scale, sense of movement and vitality added by the jogger. Here's what the post office had to say about it:
Hagåtña Bay (international price) 90 cents – on sale June 1The Postal Service will issue this stamp in the Scenic American Landscapes series to honor the Territory of Guam. Located approximately 1,600 miles east of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean, Guam is the largest and southernmost of the Mariana Islands. Approximately 212 square miles in size — roughly three times the area of Washington, D.C. — Guam is home to a population of approximately 158,000 people, including native Guamanians, known as Chamorro, as well as others of European and Asian descent. Today the island is a popular destination for tourists, with some 1.5 million people visiting the island annually to enjoy its natural beauty. The stamp features a photograph by Michael S. Yamashita of a sunset of Hagåtña Bay in Hagatna, the capital of Guam.
Others who had posts about the stamp before me include Life on an Island Paradise and Latitude 13. Pacific Daily News: Guam stamp debuts June 1 This isn't the first Guam stamp. I don't know what the history of Guam stamps are, but here are are some images of 1 cent and 2 cent Guam stamps postmarked 1930 and 1931