Saturday, December 16, 2006

Snap and Guam

December 16, 2006
I’ve been spending most of time working on my project, but want to turn more attention to this blog. I’d like to develop a list of Guam-focused blogs and other resources.
Since I live in Washington DC, I may focus some of the content on the site to DC-related news and events that affect Guam. I’m also in the position to search for Guam specific material at the Library of Congress. I live about two miles away so really don’t have any excuse.
Check out this new Snap plug-in that is very, very neat. Move your cursor over some of the links to the right and it brings up a fairly sizeable screen shot image.
This is the first time I’ve worked with it. Whether I’ll say the same in a few months remains to be seen. Sometimes new plug-ins brings a initial gush of excitement, and then become problematic.
In this case, I’ll be wondering whether Snap’s popularity – and I suspect it will take off in popularity big time – will slow its ability to serve up its mini-screenshots. And will that affect loading times on the page. No answer, but right now I don’t see a downside to it.