Sunday, August 19, 2018

Trump administration is reckless and arrogant on climate

The Trump administration has decided that climate change is a hoax. It is telling future generations they have nothing to worry about. 'Hey, it might get a little warmer, but you'll like it and so will the plants. This talk about a 4F-6F degree rise by the end of the century is just nonsense. Kids: You'll be just fine.'

And people get upset about the so-called "alarmist?" The opposite of this is what the Trump administration is giving us: People who are so arrogant and reckless that they simply do not care.

The Trump administration position is just shocking. It is going to allow more electric generation via coal and it is going to fight the tough vehicle emission rules in California. 

Fortunately, the U.S. military has adopted a position that climate change is real and will lead to world-wide disruption. Not surprising. The military requires people who are smart, disciplined, have integrity, character, and can respond to rapidly changing situations. They don't imagine the world as they want it to be, they deal with the world as it is. 

That's why the U.S. Navy will rely on solar for part of electrical generation needs on Guam. Economically it makes sense, especially on Guam. But I tend to believe that morally, the Navy thinks it's right thing to do as well.

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